The founder of Aquascape inc. is Greg Wittstock - The Pond Guy. Famous for creating a company that has become the worlds largest and foremost water garden manufacturer in the world. Greg began Aquascape inc. because "I love turtles." His love of spending time building turtle ponds in his parents yard as a child led to a career. He is the creator of the ecosystem pond and the 20 step system. You may remember him from his NatGeo show Pond Stars! Now he is on YouTube and more fun than ever!


The YouTube platform is allowing Certified Aquascape Contractors around the globe to share our craft with water garden hobbyists more easily and with greater detail than ever before. We want to share our love of water gardening with you! Visit Waterpaw's YouTube Channel too! We share our projects from all over Northern Michigan each and every week during our build season (May-Nov). 


If you follow me on YouTube then you know how much I love turtles! Creating a pond for my pet turtles was how I started my business, Aquascape. Today I get to visit a super cool dream pond for a turtle -