Pond Services in Northern Michigan

Serving Harbor Springs Ponds, Boyne City Ponds, Petoskey Ponds, Charlevoix Ponds, Bellaire Ponds and Beyond! 

In Person Consultation Fee: $500 applicable to any service contracts agreed to after consultation

Service/Repair Fee: $175 per hour including drive time

Are you looking for help maintaining, repairing or servicing your water feature or koi pond in Northern Michigan? Look no further than the Maintenance Technician Services of Waterpaw. Spring pond start ups & clean outs and fall shut downs are a common need. Algae issues? Fish oxygenation questions? Feeling like your pond could be prettier or healthier? Our trained service crew can help you with all of your water feature, pond, waterfall or fountain questions and needs. To be added to our weekly pond water quality email fill out the form on this page. We discuss the local weather and how it might be effecting water gardens, ponds and waterfalls in the area. 


Need a Pond Pump?

Is your pump in need of replacing but the options are daunting and warranties suspect when buying from a big box? We will consult with you on your pond needs and help you find the right pump.


Pond Auto Dosers 

We now offer Auto Dosing Systems that will take the question and work out of water treatments. Ask us today if this option is right for you. 


Pond or Fountain Water Treatment

Looking for an educated staff to help you find the best water treatment solutions for your pond? Give us a cal. We are highly trained and dedicated to water quality. 

 High Quality Custom

Ponds & Fountains 

Our clients understand the value of quality which is why our ponds are chosen by the most discerning. Below each pond and water feature is an intricate and durable infrastructure -  built to survive the environments of Petoskey, Harbor Springs, Charlevoix, Walloon Village, Boyne City & Shanty Creek.  

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