Alternative Pond Skimmer- Intake Bay's  

Are you spending more time emptying your skimmer net than enjoying your pond? Intake Bay's are ideal skimmers for systems larger than 8'x10'. Or in any pond system where the mechanicals need to be out of the path of people and wildlife. An intake bay skimmer addition starts at $2,000.

Are you blocking your current skimmer to lower the amount of work it takes to keep it clean? Do you find yourself more concerned with your skimmer condition than enjoying your pond? If you and answered yes to either of these questions and Intake Bay is for you. An Intake Bay removes any worry of pump contact with people or wildlife, is a more effective pond cleaner than a traditional skimmer and is more attractive than a grande skimmer. Unlike a traditional skimmer an Intake Bay keeps all the mechanicals out of sight and out of mind. 

We can convert any pond with a skimmer box to a pond with an Intake Bay. Conversions are a popular addition to ponds, recreation ponds and koi ponds. Call today to discuss scheduling your intake bay addition to your garden pond, koi pond, or recreation pond.