Waterpaw Ponds can create a backyard pond in Northern Michigan as large as 10'x12' with a waterfall in only 1 Day! Our experienced and knowledgable crew can build your dream pond space in only 1 day. Waterpaw Ponds Designing, Building, Supplying, Maintaining and Repairing Backyard Ponds, Fountains, Waterfalls in Northern Michigan since 1996.


Add touches of the unexpected to your Northern Michigan home.  Bring the nature back into your landscaping with Waterpaw Water Features: Ponds, Garden Fountains & Streams.


Hand Crafted 

Travel often? We install and design systems that can easily be turned off and on with a remote!   Serving ponds, patios & landscapes in Emmet County, Charlevoix County, Antrim County and beyond.  


Home & Business

We handle both residential and commercial yards, courtyards and patio's in Northern Michigan.