Time To Start Dreaming About Your Perfect Pond

The snow and ice are flying and the winter feels deep but soon enough the melt will happen and the time to play in the yard instead of the ski hill will be here. Have you made a list of spring landscape dreams yet? Your garden pond is probably in need of an upgrade or two or a repair or two.

Garden ponds, much like a home are often remodeled or overhauled every 20 years or so. As lives and lifestyles change so do the homes and yards we live in. Often, when a customers lifestyle undergoes a change: retirement, increased travel, new grandchildren, or more time to entertain- we find that the customer is in need of a change to their ponds.

Pondless systems are a good idea for those who now have an increased travel plan. Many, retired people find the joy of koi care to be a ritual they love now that they are out of the daily grind. Rambunctious grandchildren might benefit from a recreational swimming pond to work out that energy in. Those who entertain more often might find that a meandering system that covers the property and creates a deep sense of place is the best thing for their needs.

Whatever, your desire it can be achieved through design meetings and thoughtful construction with Waterpaw. If you are just starting out or rehabbing an existing system in Northern Michigan your plans can be met and exceeded.