Moby Koi...?

"Say, you are in the country; in some high land of lakes. Take almost any path you please, and ten to one it carries you down in a dale, and leaves you there by a pool in the stream. There is magic in it." Herman Melville Moby Dick

  When sunset hits on the weekend you know where everybody and every event is going to be in a coast city - On the shore, in the park overlooking the water. People spend all week waiting for the weekend on the boat, at the beach, on the river.... Those of us with ponds on our property or in our homes find respite there when we can't get to the bigger water. Think about the last vacation you took. Was there water there? What do you feel when you spend time near, on or in water? For most of humanity being close to water is built into ritual and cultural identity. 

Often, people tell me that what we created for them initially as an aesthetic addition to their homes or yards has become a daily necessity for them. When they travel they often set up camera's to keep an eye on the #waterfall and #koi. When they come home they grab a glass of something, the dogs, the spouse and go to the pondside. It's not normally why they installed the pond. But, it's what happens. We often steer our clients toward designs they didn't think about and paths that meander through the site we designed to amplify the sound of the water as you travel the yard. The ponds, waterfalls, streams and fountains become a yard experience - the sound, scent and view of the water become the heart jewel of the yard and their home rituals. 

Join the #pondlifestyle with @waterpawllc and let's design your ritual for your indoor pond this winter or your outdoor pond to be installed Spring 2017! 



What does Zen have to do with Ponds?

Perhaps you have been to my website a time or two & have seen our catch phrase "It's Time for Zen." This might seem like an odd phrase for water feature designers and builders. However, we believe that what we do brings calm, joy and zen to our clients. 

We frequently install ponds and features for people living on Lake Michigan, Lake Charlevoix, Walloon Lake & Crooked Lake. Often, the reaction of people when they hear this is "why would anybody with whole lake want or need a pond?" Our answer is in the actions of our clients. As soon as that pond is full of water they are already playing with it: moving rocks, planting lilies, naming their fish, netting out leaves. This isn't simply an aesthetic addition to their view it is an interactive part of their everyday. 

Much like a zen sand garden the act of tending to a pond is about meditation and soothing behavior. Our service techs are some of the most chill people on the crew- they get to spend their work day in moving meditation near and in water. 

Often, we will witness some of the gruffest clients turn into the softest calmest people when they are at the edge of their pond. We look at the building of a pond for a person or family as an act of giving back. Our ponds light a part of the person who bought it. We believe that our designs make the world a better place, one frog and fish at a time. 

Designing zen for our clients in Northern Michigan all year! Check out our indoor ponds to keep your pond habit going. 

Designing zen for our clients in Northern Michigan all year! Check out our indoor ponds to keep your pond habit going.