"Naturehood" Create your own with Waterpaw Ponds of Northern Michigan

"Naturehood" Create your own with Waterpaw Ponds of Northern Michigan

In most Michigan cities we are blessed with an abundance of Naturehood. Our streets are lined with trees, our neighbors have beautiful gardens, many of us live near an inland or great lake. When we create a pond or fountain in your yard we are adding to the Naturehood you already have. When you pause in the morning to notice the pink sky with your cup of coffee you are interacting with nature. 

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Koi Pond for Your Yard in Michigan

Koi Pond for Your Yard in Michigan

Do you have a pond with Koi but don't know what type of Koi you have? Check out our guide below to identify your fish friends. For those who don't have a Koi pond yet but are interested in having one built read on to hear how we at Waterpaw design pond's to be ideal homes for your aquatic animals. 

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Northwestern Michigan's Pond Experts

We here at Waterpaw are obsessed with water features! We spend our off time planning the next season's projects and participating in continuing pond education. Our ponds are living, breathing ecosystem that require knowledgeable installations. The depth, location of filtrations, wetland size, plant varieties, appropriate fish and even the trees placed near a backyard pond all need to be well thought out and following scientific principals. 

Our entire staff has undergone rigorous training and education to ensure that projects are all well executed to create enjoyment for decades to come. What we build is meant to last time and families! We hope that our waterfalls, ponds, streams and fountains are not just admired but interacted with. Kids love to rock hunt and everybody enjoys feeding the fish. Many dogs enjoy swimming in our larger ponds, for that matter their humans swim with them! 

We are still scheduling site plans and installations for the 2017 season so give us a call or email today to connect to our trained staff. We aren't just confident we are capable!

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Your Lake Charlevoix Pond Builders

This homeowner has brought verdant green abundance into their yard. This waterfall is well loved and appreciated. The wildlife she sees around her pond and waterfall bring her joy all spring, summer and fall. Song birds, frogs, fish, dragon flies... water brings life into your yard. 

We aim to create a personal oasis for every client. Your wants and desires will shape the creation we bring to your landscaping or home. Serving Boyne City, Charlevoix, Petoskey, Harbor Springs and all of Northwestern Michigan we are your premier pond designer, builder, supplier and maintainer. 

Give Waterpaw Ponds a call today to schedule your consult for a spring build in 2017!

Poetry and Ponds

The shimmering water-scapes we create every season offer our clients far more than a pretty yard bauble. Does your favorite park have a fountain, pond or river? I would wager it does. Take a look at this list of popular parks.The presence of open water is a soul salve and has been since we first climbed out of the trees and became humanity. We fare much better when we are near water. Humans need to be near the sound, scent and reflection of water. 

Every day many of us become more encumbered in our personal grinds and Sisyphean tasks. Often the squeaky wheel, mouth or machine gathers our attentions in tight and we forget to seek out the calmer places.

Ponds, streams, waterfalls, fountains, rivers, lakes... these all have a substantive and measurable affect of the mind. #Bluemind is real but so is #Redmind. The key is to keep grounded in the blue of our lives. The environments that reset at least a little parts of our brains. 

Bring a bit of that into your home, yard or business with Waterpaw Creations. 


Kaizen - a Personal Journey for Career Improvement

This is the time of year many of us stand back (those of us with anxiety line up all our lists from the year and categorize) and take a hard look at what happened. A lot may have happened, or not. Either way, what you planned likely didn't go as planned and avenues you never planned on ended up on your map. Personally, I never thought I would enjoy working in Waterpaw fulltime! I was a Realtor not long ago - a realtor who spent too much time thinking about site plans as it turns out. I don't think our son planned on becoming the social active kid he has become over the last year. My husband certainly didn't anticipate the incredible growth of our company. 

When I look back I see that much of the growth and improvements in our lives - both personal and business - occurred due to many small incremental steps made over the year. They were systemic activities that didn't take much time or effort every day but over time truly grew into helpful and insightful activities that have improved efficiency and down time. 

If you take a look at the earlier Frog Blogs for instance and then read the more recent posts it is clear that I have become much better. You might think that those one paragraph blog posts took a few minutes and that these days I must take much longer. Nope. In fact, these probably take less time but have a larger impact because without realizing it I was practicing Kaizen. Kaizen is defined by the Kaizen Institute as "the practice of continuous improvement."  The thing is though it isn't sudden and difficult change or improvement it is small efforts over time to achieve a goal. It is suggested you begin by devoting only 1 minute a day to a specific activity and do it at the same time every day. 

As I look back at this year I see that everything in which I saw great business growth and personal insight I was practicing Kai (change) zen (good). Blog, Website, Facebook, Pinterest, Ukulele, Housekeeping, Exercise Habits, Even Spelling (honestly not a thing I was very good at until very recently). I simply created a schedule that didn't ask a lot of me or my time and discovered that I was capable of a lot when I gave it to myself in this fashion. 

What does any of this have to do with water features? Well, quite a bit actually. If you have a pond think of how you feel every day when you go care for your pond and think about what it was like when you first started vs. now. How has your outlook around that activity changed and what is it about it you like. Have you allowed that habit to grow into the rest of your day? What happens when you skip care for the pond for a few weeks and how you feel when you finally tackle it... Nothing is happy, not the plants, fish, water or you. Why would that not be the same for most of your daily activities? When you are with your pond you are likely not on the phone, in a conversation or trying to do anything but net the water and care for your koi. You are devoted to that task alone for only a few minutes but it feels great to not be a distracted project "chunker" for a while!

So, although on paper I am nowhere near the targets I gave myself last December I am in fact closer to that person I wanted to be then. Kaizen - Good Change for 2017!  


Our family! So proud of how far we have come this year! I can't wait for 2017! 

Our family! So proud of how far we have come this year! I can't wait for 2017! 

Moby Koi...?

"Say, you are in the country; in some high land of lakes. Take almost any path you please, and ten to one it carries you down in a dale, and leaves you there by a pool in the stream. There is magic in it." Herman Melville Moby Dick

  When sunset hits on the weekend you know where everybody and every event is going to be in a coast city - On the shore, in the park overlooking the water. People spend all week waiting for the weekend on the boat, at the beach, on the river.... Those of us with ponds on our property or in our homes find respite there when we can't get to the bigger water. Think about the last vacation you took. Was there water there? What do you feel when you spend time near, on or in water? For most of humanity being close to water is built into ritual and cultural identity. 

Often, people tell me that what we created for them initially as an aesthetic addition to their homes or yards has become a daily necessity for them. When they travel they often set up camera's to keep an eye on the #waterfall and #koi. When they come home they grab a glass of something, the dogs, the spouse and go to the pondside. It's not normally why they installed the pond. But, it's what happens. We often steer our clients toward designs they didn't think about and paths that meander through the site we designed to amplify the sound of the water as you travel the yard. The ponds, waterfalls, streams and fountains become a yard experience - the sound, scent and view of the water become the heart jewel of the yard and their home rituals. 

Join the #pondlifestyle with @waterpawllc and let's design your ritual for your indoor pond this winter or your outdoor pond to be installed Spring 2017!