Still Building Ponds? But it's cold out!

Yes, in fact, we are still building ponds. If it isn't too cold for the #koi it isn't too cold for us. We have been working full time on ponds throughout November and we are looking like we may still be building the first two weeks of December. 

Then what? Then we spend our winter months designing the projects already committed for the Spring/Summer season of 2017. We don't really have "down time." Those of us not as involved in design are pouring over the books and stats of the previous season and seeing how we can improve our services moving forward. What we build and create is alive and always changing and so are our clients. We have to adapt to every whim of the market and the weather! 

We are also busy creating products for our homegoods line Muddypaw. Creating interior decor and exterior decor for manufacture. Great design is our calling card no matter what we are busy creating! (although it must be said that I am hoping there is time to finish installing our guest bathroom this winter...:) This "paw" will be continuing her pond education this winter and learning more about shoreline restoration. I am also attending the online Blue Ocean Summit to connect with other people interested in water issues and water entrepreneurship. I am the researcher on this team and I can't wait to hit the books again!  

Although our tree isn't up yet this photo really puts me in the #Christmas mood

Although our tree isn't up yet this photo really puts me in the #Christmas mood

#ShopSmall Business Saturday!

It's Small Business Saturday & we here at Waterpaw are participating in our local town. Visiting our downtown is always special to our crew. Fellow small business owners are all anticipatory as they prepare for their make it or break it season. Here at Waterpaw we are thankful that our business has seen such tremendous growth these past two years. This is the month when we begin to really book up our spring season. As participants in Small Business Saturday we are offering 10% off and a free #IndoorPond with purchase. 

Wouldn't you love to give your family a water feature? These are not simply a pretty bauble but an entire ecosystem or art piece created for you and your family. Being near, in or on water is therapeutic and we believe that our ponds bring people joy and relaxation for years and even decades after we create them. Booking now guarantees in our schedule before it's full and guarantee that you have the pond, fountain, waterfall or stream up and running for next summer. Slots are filling now, don't hesitate and put an Indoor Pond under the tree with a photo of your future pond!   


Waterpaw on the Atlantic

In our travels, we "Waterpaws" make it a point to draw inspiration from every corner. Urban fountain scapes, countryside ponds, formal gardens and coasts. This fall I am on the Atlantic coast of the Northeastern United States. The waterfalls in the White Mountains and the formal gardens of Bedrock Gardens in Lee New Hampshire will find their way into future designs.

I will work to translate the instant calm the ocean coast brings to our souls as we walk the sandy divide between the hardcrust and the vast ocean scapes that make up most of our globe.  Being near moving water strikes an involuntary response of calm in our brains. This response is quantifiable and experiential. Have you ever sat on the edge of a stream and dangled your toes in- that almost immediate sigh and shoulder fall is a palpable moment. It's why we all try to vacation near water.

Ever wonder why your favorite vacations, trips to parks and views are water filled? We can help create that experience in your yard for you in a weekend. Looking for a way to experience water without leaving home? Have us install a feature that moves, lives and breathes with you. Imagine a view of a babbling stream outside your yoga room...or a cascading waterfall you can hear from every room of the house and corner of the yard. Looking or a place to float quietly? We can create a swim pond for your relaxation. 

As I travel the Atlantic this fall I am thinking on why water? Why does what I do bring joy? Give some thought to how water plays in your life. Let us help you realize your recreational water needs. 

Maines Atlantic Coast: This is how I will always think of my mom, relaxed, ready, indomitable and always making sense of the inbetween places. 

Maines Atlantic Coast: This is how I will always think of my mom, relaxed, ready, indomitable and always making sense of the inbetween places.