Chemical Free Swimming - Michigan Recreation Ponds

Chemical Free Swimming - Michigan Recreation Ponds

Get Ready to Swim in Your Yard Chemical Free!

Are you considering a pool for your backyard but are nervous about the chemicals and look of a large perfect rectangle in your landscaping? The pond building world has been building naturally filtered ponds for decades but only in the last decade have the builders of North America been aware of and building natural swim ponds for people's backyards and homes. Even large cities in the midwest have taken notice and have begun to install municipal swim ponds for recreation. 

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Kaizen - a Personal Journey for Career Improvement

This is the time of year many of us stand back (those of us with anxiety line up all our lists from the year and categorize) and take a hard look at what happened. A lot may have happened, or not. Either way, what you planned likely didn't go as planned and avenues you never planned on ended up on your map. Personally, I never thought I would enjoy working in Waterpaw fulltime! I was a Realtor not long ago - a realtor who spent too much time thinking about site plans as it turns out. I don't think our son planned on becoming the social active kid he has become over the last year. My husband certainly didn't anticipate the incredible growth of our company. 

When I look back I see that much of the growth and improvements in our lives - both personal and business - occurred due to many small incremental steps made over the year. They were systemic activities that didn't take much time or effort every day but over time truly grew into helpful and insightful activities that have improved efficiency and down time. 

If you take a look at the earlier Frog Blogs for instance and then read the more recent posts it is clear that I have become much better. You might think that those one paragraph blog posts took a few minutes and that these days I must take much longer. Nope. In fact, these probably take less time but have a larger impact because without realizing it I was practicing Kaizen. Kaizen is defined by the Kaizen Institute as "the practice of continuous improvement."  The thing is though it isn't sudden and difficult change or improvement it is small efforts over time to achieve a goal. It is suggested you begin by devoting only 1 minute a day to a specific activity and do it at the same time every day. 

As I look back at this year I see that everything in which I saw great business growth and personal insight I was practicing Kai (change) zen (good). Blog, Website, Facebook, Pinterest, Ukulele, Housekeeping, Exercise Habits, Even Spelling (honestly not a thing I was very good at until very recently). I simply created a schedule that didn't ask a lot of me or my time and discovered that I was capable of a lot when I gave it to myself in this fashion. 

What does any of this have to do with water features? Well, quite a bit actually. If you have a pond think of how you feel every day when you go care for your pond and think about what it was like when you first started vs. now. How has your outlook around that activity changed and what is it about it you like. Have you allowed that habit to grow into the rest of your day? What happens when you skip care for the pond for a few weeks and how you feel when you finally tackle it... Nothing is happy, not the plants, fish, water or you. Why would that not be the same for most of your daily activities? When you are with your pond you are likely not on the phone, in a conversation or trying to do anything but net the water and care for your koi. You are devoted to that task alone for only a few minutes but it feels great to not be a distracted project "chunker" for a while!

So, although on paper I am nowhere near the targets I gave myself last December I am in fact closer to that person I wanted to be then. Kaizen - Good Change for 2017!  


Our family! So proud of how far we have come this year! I can't wait for 2017! 

Our family! So proud of how far we have come this year! I can't wait for 2017! 

Even In Space Our Pictures Are of Water!

NASA recently released more pics and videos from the International Space Station. What those of us who are conscious water lovers notice immediately is how although they are in space the pics are often of earth and the water. (for videos and pics from NASA click here) We all react to the image and sound of water even if we aren't aware. Access to the benefits of open water near your home has health and mental benefits we are only just now starting to understand scientifically but have understood viscerally since the beginning of our species awakening.  

Sometimes, as we are building a pond, stream or fountain for a client we get bogged down in the specifications, equipment, site leveling and efficiency. But, the end result is always something that relaxes us! We build ponds because we love to be near water, we love to key into the sound of the stream, we are pond geeks! Just like those astronauts who take a bunch of ocean pics - we are all water lovers. 

Would you like to come home and in your yard or house have the experience of running water soothing your work weary body and mind? Go for a refreshing dip to reduce your stress, release neurochemicals to stave off dementia and build lean muscle. (for an article on swimming healthy benefits click here)   Waterpaw can install a swimming pond in your yard. Wouldn't a large healthy swim pond look so much better than an antiseptic chlorinated pool? Our ponds have waterfalls, frogs, fish, plants and attract birds, butterfly's, dragonflies and smiles. 

Even if the world is loud, crazy, hectic and busy your yard doesn't have to be. Bring some nature back into your yard and life with Waterpaw Ponds! 


Humans are enthralled with water- it promotes health and well-being. Let Waterpaw Ponds install your Michigan Pond in 2017!

Humans are enthralled with water- it promotes health and well-being. Let Waterpaw Ponds install your Michigan Pond in 2017!