Waterpaw on the Atlantic

In our travels, we "Waterpaws" make it a point to draw inspiration from every corner. Urban fountain scapes, countryside ponds, formal gardens and coasts. This fall I am on the Atlantic coast of the Northeastern United States. The waterfalls in the White Mountains and the formal gardens of Bedrock Gardens in Lee New Hampshire will find their way into future designs.

I will work to translate the instant calm the ocean coast brings to our souls as we walk the sandy divide between the hardcrust and the vast ocean scapes that make up most of our globe.  Being near moving water strikes an involuntary response of calm in our brains. This response is quantifiable and experiential. Have you ever sat on the edge of a stream and dangled your toes in- that almost immediate sigh and shoulder fall is a palpable moment. It's why we all try to vacation near water.

Ever wonder why your favorite vacations, trips to parks and views are water filled? We can help create that experience in your yard for you in a weekend. Looking for a way to experience water without leaving home? Have us install a feature that moves, lives and breathes with you. Imagine a view of a babbling stream outside your yoga room...or a cascading waterfall you can hear from every room of the house and corner of the yard. Looking or a place to float quietly? We can create a swim pond for your relaxation. 

As I travel the Atlantic this fall I am thinking on why water? Why does what I do bring joy? Give some thought to how water plays in your life. Let us help you realize your recreational water needs. 

Maines Atlantic Coast: This is how I will always think of my mom, relaxed, ready, indomitable and always making sense of the inbetween places. 

Maines Atlantic Coast: This is how I will always think of my mom, relaxed, ready, indomitable and always making sense of the inbetween places. 

Water Lilies in the Fall

Fall is a bittersweet season for pond enthusiasts. The crisp, clear water of the autumn pond spectacularly reflects the riotous color of leaves on the trees above, providing great enjoyment. At the same time, it's sad to say goodbye to your beautiful water lilies bobbing on the pond's surface.

As fall approaches, hardy water lilies stop producing leaves that grow to the surface of the pond and start producing leaves that grow only a few inches high. To over-winter hardy water lilies, trim off the mature leaves a few inches above the crown and drop the pot to the lowest depth of the pond.

If your water lilies are permanently planted in pockets at the lowest part of your pond, all you need to do is remove the dead foliage. Hardy water lilies need to have a period of dormancy which is onset by cold water, so do not bring them into a heated indoor pond to keep them growing.

Tropical water lilies will flower up to and past the first light frost as they have no idea what winter is and no need to prepare for it. Tropical water lilies can be over-wintered indoors in water over 50 degrees F, or they can be taken out of the pot and stored in moist sand. The warm water method isn’t practical for most, and success with the moist sand method is variable, usually ending in the loss of the tuber to mold or rot. Botanical gardens with trained horticulturists expect to lose many of the tropical water lilies they store every winter. Start over each year as you do with your terrestrial annuals. 

Water Lilies in Harbor Springs Michigan