A Year of Giving at Waterpaw

The past 10 months have been filled with the joy of bringing new people into our lives. In October David's Mother moved in with us into a tiny home in the backyard. If you have attended our parties you have seen how darn adorable it is! Our oldest son Esmond has found his buddy crew and has his first job this June. We are watching him blossom into a fine young man. On Christmas Day we welcomed our son Hugo Dax into the world.

As our family has grown and I find myself adding leaves to the dining table I feel only sincere and deep gratitude. In lock step with our family and well being growing so to are our businesses and family crew. We have added both a new business to the fold and a few new crew members too! 

It's a funny thing, when you are feeling overwhelming thanks for you life that opportunities to help others turn up. For Waterpaw it our gratitude has manifested as a few community projects that popped up this spring. We donated a doggie wading pond to the Charlevoix Area Humane Society in June. We are building a memorial pond for Snowmancam in Gaylord this July. In addition we are also building an interactive water feature for Raven Hill Discovery Center in conjunction with their Smithsonian Waterways Exhibit which opens in August. And, if that isn't enough :) we are also donating a shoreline safe example garden in Sunset Park in Boyne City this fall. 

In our personal life things are growing and evolving too for us and our work family. Our crew is expecting babies, getting married, and building new homes. We hope that as our customers you feel some of what we are experiencing through our work with you. That is why this is the Year of Giving. We hope you will experience a little of transcendence this year too and pass it on. Happy 4th of July!

Our Hugo, just one piece of our thanks this year!

Our Hugo, just one piece of our thanks this year!