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We here at Waterpaw brought our newest "paw" into the world on December 25, 2017. Which is why you may have guessed there have been so few posts the past 6 months. His name is Hugo Dax Austin and we are very proud, happy, and blessed to have him in the world. 

His middle name, Dax, means water. We were sort of hoping he would be as water obsessed as the rest of us. And, guess what? He totally, totally is! The sound of water in the sink rooms away will grab his attention. Bath time is his absolute favorite time of the day. His favorite outing is going to visit Grandma's pond on our property next to her tiny house. Tonight he blew bubbles in his bathwater. We are in for a water loving toddler!

Having a new tiny human on property is going to mean, for a pond building family, another pond. Some people plant a tree and watch it grow. Here at Waterpaw Central we dig ponds for our loved ones. Each family member pond is tailored to their desires and lifestyle. Grandma's, for instance, wraps around her living room and patio and is lit late into the evening as she is a night owl. Right now, Daddy Paw has a large recreation pond planned for the back yard. Complete with a beach and bog for frogs and kids. 

Ponds should be played with, in, on and around. They are not just beautiful things or baubles to place around a home. Ponds, when done right, are in fact a part of the home, the memories and the playtime of a family. 

Now that our family has grown, so are our ponds, our hearts and our plans. We hope that those of you who have a garden pond encourage active play in it. Be on the lookout for the next few years as I bring Hugo-Dax around to your ponds to play while I photograph. I hope the littles in your lives get to have as much fun as ours in your yards!