Your Yard Should Tell A Story! Narrative Pondscaping

Every yard should tell a story. The yard should draw you and your guests in from the driveway, road or lakefront. The Secret Garden experience should be yours too! Meandering paths, cutting gardens, streams, reflecting pools and ponds. 

When is the last time you went to your favorite park? What is your favorite part of the experience? Why do the elements that bring you in work? Is it the sound of the river or fountain in the park that drops your blood pressure while the green of the bushes and trees soothes your eyes? Do the bird songs, flowers and butterfly's bring you back to summers in your childhood? 

The elements that bring you peace at the park can be brought to your yard. We at Waterpaw consider ourselves "nature-hood translators." This is why we start so many of our conversations with our clients with "Tell me your story." Every yard should be considered a mini-park with elements that bring you joy. 

In Charlevoix recently we had a client with a beautiful Round Lake home. The water side of the home is meticulously planned and executed. Paths, seating, views... no element is missing. The road side however was a little lackluster. The patio and path to the door were well done but the driveway and island lacked anything that said "this is where we live, this is how we live, this is our up north story." The homeowner owns a wonderful and whimsical copper sculpture of children playing in the rain. Her initial thought was to put them in a small stream in the island so they looked like they were crossing the stream and giggling. But scale size it just wasn't enough impact to bring a story to life.

After translating her yard, feelings and lifestyle we worked together to create an impactful narration in her front yard. A waterfall, stream, bluestone path, and large boulders were brought in to create a complete story. You can take the same path as the children! wander into the joys of Northern Michigan Nature-Hood and fall under the spell of the water we all love! What are you seeking to say? 

Can you see the story? This scene invites you into the up north mindset immediately.

Can you see the story? This scene invites you into the up north mindset immediately.