The Key to Clear Pond Water is Beneficial Bacteria

Wishing your pond water was crystal clear? Wondering why even with all the algaecide and chemicals your water just isn't healthy? The key to a healthy water column and clear water is not to kill everything, rather to create a biome of healthy bacteria. 

Beneficial Bacteria comes in both a granular and liquid form. We here at Waterpaw use exclusively granular bacteria to treat our ecosystem ponds and fountains as it is far hardier and less likely to die in transport. A healthy water column needs a balance of living organisms to keep it in check. 

The bacteria doesn't work however if it doesn't have any way to culture and reproduce. This is where an Intake Bay, Constructed Wetland or Biofalls come into play. In each of the aforementioned filters a combination of filter media is used to create a healthy space for the bacteria to culture. Lava rocks, gravel, and Matala filter mats are the 3 most common and effective filter media's. 

You cannot expect instant results in water quality with beneficial bacteria. The cultures most often used in garden and swim ponds takes a minimum of 3 weeks to establish a colony. But, once established and replenished weekly with fresh granular you will see results in water quality and algal growth. 

For more information on Beneficial Bacteria give Waterpaw a call! 

Beneficial Bacteria is Essential for Clear Garden Pond Water

Beneficial Bacteria is Essential for Clear Garden Pond Water