What is Algae? A New Pond Education Series by Waterpaw in Northern Michigan

What is algae? I mean, is it a plant, animal...fungus? Why is it in my pond and why don't you remove all of it when you do a clean out or maintenance visit? 

Those are some of the most common questions about algae that we at Waterpaw receive. In fact, I would say that algal concerns are the #1 issue our clients come to us with. This week we began our client education series and we kicked it off with "What Is Algae?" This is part 1 of a 4 part series. In it we will cover "What Is Algae 1 & 2" "What Causes Algae" & finally "How To Treat and Prevent Algae" Nature is wonderfully complex and we are hoping to help our clients enjoy their water features better with knowledge in hand and appreciation for the miracles of ecosystems in their hearts. If you would like a PDF version of the images below please contact us through our website and request to be put on the Education Mailing List.