All Hands On Deck for Backyard Pond Season in Northern Michigan

This spring 2017 we are seeing a burgeoning new burst of interest in water features and ponds in Northern Michigan. Our company is seeing a lot of growth and this year that means that our 14 year old son is starting to learn the family trade! That's because this is a family pond business. We strive to make our company feel like a second family to our employees too. Last year our foreman brought a new member into the world and he has already been visiting the job sites! This month we have been building our display area up and we hope it will be a wonderful way for people to visit and learn about what we do. 

Our son's first year building ponds in the company! (I tried to get a better picture but you know teenage boys!)

This spring we are booking already into the end of May and we are looking forward to booking out the season through June in the next few weeks as the sunshine stays longer. I know that we are excited to spend some time next to our ponds and streams! When you are ready to explore the Northern Michigan Pond Lifestyle call Waterpaw Ponds!