Bubbling Rocks Make For Happy Northern Michigan Wild Birds

Are you a bird lover who would like to offer more than just bird seed to your feathered friends? A bubbling rock can be a great addition for your yard. Birds are attracted to moving water. They like to have clean feathers and fresh drinking water. 

Birds gather around a bubbling rock for fresh water

If your goal is to aid the birds the rocks chosen are important. A small divot in one rock will create a perfect spot to bathe. I know that when I was in Baltimore last spring my niece and I stood outside the National Aquarium waiting for tickets and the small water feature even in that urban setting had dozens of birds. My niece couldn't stop laughing she was simply enthralled with these birds of several different species taking baths together (she is my little bird watching friend). Birds have fascinated humanity since antiquity.

We here at Waterpaw Ponds of Northern Michigan can custom build a set up for your yard or we can bring in a product called Pagoda Rocks. These come in a set of 3 and can easily be installed with minimal hassle or cost. 

Pagoda Rocks come in groups of 3 

Whether you find the perfect rocks on a hike or we provide the rocks from either a pagoda set or our own core drilled rock selection the birds you serve will be happier and healthier.  For information on building this yourself give us a call.