Illuminated Stone Fountains! Installed by Waterpaw your Michigan Pond Installer

WOW! I have to admit these days I get a little over excited about real stone fountains. For me, the shapes, textures and sounds they create are intriguing. Some on the crew might even call me a little obsessed... but they haven't really seen me jazzed up until this- The Sunrise Onyx Fountain! Now it isn't only shape, texture, and sound but interior illumination! 

What do you say? Have you never heard of this? Neither had I. As you loyal FrogBlog readers know we spent the winter finding new and unexpected design elements to bring into our water feature building in Northern Michigan. This one is so cool I bought my own! Well, it's for display purposes but still, I get to see it every day or at least I will once the darn snow stops (when will it ever end?). During the daylight hours the fountains are still beautiful and functional providing sound and visual interest to your yard. They even catch the sunlight as it moves all day. For those of you who love prisms, crystals and all things shiny or refractive these fountains are a natural fit!(mom are you reading this? :))

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