All You Need is Love...& a Pond in Your Michigan Yard!

Looking for an escape lately? Finding that your usual electronic escape methods are just not as fun as relaxing as they used to be? I know that I am finding myself finding every excuse not to be on my feeds lately. I want to keep some balance and calm in my life and it just isn't coming from the internet. So, I find things to do that require activity in the 3d world instead- namely my ponds. 

Tending to my fish, ponds & aquatic flowers helps immensely. This time of the year in Michigan I am caring for it all indoors and dreaming about this spring and summer when I can do it outside. I don't want to hear anything but the sound of my fountains and waterfalls. 

Even if I wanted to interact with my electronics while tending to things aquatic I couldn't- fear of dropping a phone or tablet into the water. The amount of full, physical awareness necessary when pursuing a pond hobby is part of the draw for me and I hope most of my clients. The calming effects of spending time with a pond will spread into other parts of our lives if we let it. That feeling of connection to the real can be addicting and I think healing. 

When you are ready to be hooked by the pond life give Waterpaw Ponds a call. If we don't answer the phone it's because we are spending time with the fish but we will call you back just as soon as we can!

Aquatic blooming flowers are a wonderful addition to any pond or pond landscaping