Second Home Landscaping - Solutions for Resort Homes

Second home owners face special solutions to landscaping. Systems in a second home have to be more customizable, automated and timeless. This is especially important when considering a water feature, pond, waterfall, fountain or stream in your second homes landscaping. Because these systems are man made they cannot be left alone for long periods without consequences unless they are built and installed with these needs in mind. Our Waterpaw crew has spent decades creating systems specific for homeowners with unpredictable schedules. 

Second homes need special water features that are customizable. Waterapaw is your Michigan Pond Building Experts.

Often for homes that are not full-time residences we install a system called "pondless" this means that the system does not have a pond to circulate water from. Instead, an underground reservoir is utilized. We size these reservoirs to hold enough water to run the whole system. This means that the water feature can be turned off and on at will without needing refilling or flooding your yard.  

We also use pumps that are remote controlled to allow for flow changes. If you want a subtle sound from your waterfall or stream simply turn down the pump. Or, if the party is larger the pump can be turned up for a more dramatic effect. 

Our pondless systems are also ideal for commercial application. Needing less overall maintenance and care a pondless system is a wonderful addition to commercial storfronts and signs. Stand out from your competition with a pondless water feature from Waterpaw Ponds.