Unique Stone Bench's and Monolith Fountains- Add the Unexpected to Your Michigan Landscaping

Not every bench needs to be only utilitarian...

Often when designing an outdoor space the impact of the furniture is taken into account before the first pen touches the graph paper. Many times the furniture choice will have a direct impact on the shape of a water feature or pond. These are great tools to help us create a space your family will truly find comfortable. Sometimes, though, the space needs a little something extra. 

Benches: These unsung heroes of the garden set the tone. Are you using modern cedar benches like those built by Michigan native Hugh Acton or more traditional wrought iron pieces? These choices can immediately create the atmosphere in your garden. 

Dining Tables: Do you spend more time entertaining intimate family gatherings, large neighborhood parties or business associates? When choosing an outdoor dining area be sure to take into account what you most often use your space for. Many companies now sell outdoor furniture that can be expanded as needed. 

Conversation Areas: With Sunbrella fabrics an outdoor sofa is a great solution to create the outdoor living room you have always wanted. Intimate love seats, party loving sectionals and even easy chairs are now being made using modern sturdy materials to withstand Michigan weather for years to come. 

We at Waterpaw love to aid our customers in the full design process. We look forward to helping your yard stand out, be functional and be fun for your family. Because we live in Northern Michigan we understand your needs - both seasonal and guest - and are ready for any clients goals and desires. 

For a more formal and modern feel a basalt bench can be the perfect addition.