Chemical Free Swimming - Michigan Recreation Ponds

Looking for a healthy way to swim? Concerned about the dangers of chlorination? It's time to consider a natural approach to your backyard recreation with a swimming pond. 

Are you considering a pool for your backyard but are nervous about the chemicals and look of a large perfect rectangle in your landscaping? The pond building world has been building naturally filtered ponds for decades but only in the last decade have the builders of North America been aware of and building natural swim ponds for people's backyards and homes. Even large cities in the midwest have taken notice and have begun to install municipal swim ponds for recreation. 

We at Waterpaw have installed several swim ponds for our clients over the years and we have noticed an increase in interest especially during the past 2 years. Northern Michigan is full of lakes but lake front homes are not for everybody (or everybody's budget) and driving yet one more place after a work day to go swim isn't always an ideal solution. Installing a swim pond can be a great compromise. The can be as large as an acre and as deep as you desire to accommodate diving even. 

Many homeowners discover their dogs become big pond lovers too. Swimming is a great way to help keep your pet active and cool during the summer months especially as more beaches in Northern Michigan become less dog friendly (not to mention no wet dog in your car:). 

Recently, as well, many studies on the dangers of chlorine on the human body have been coming out and many people are becoming more aware of the dangers. We all know chlorine is bad for our bathing suits and drys out our skin but it can also have other deleterious effects. Not to mention that chlorinated water isn't bird safe, frog safe or drinking safe for our pets.

You may then wonder - How clean is a "natural pond?"  

The fact is that if filtered and installed properly your swim pond water can be safe enough to even drink and very clear. Your pond water will be clear, clean and safe. The nature around your yard will appreciate it as well. Your yard will attract song birds, frogs, dragon flies, fire flies and so much more. The flowering water plants and graceful cattails will add beauty and whimsy to your yard so even when you aren't swimming your swim pond will serve as kinetic art. 


This smaller swim pond is designed to entertain the whole family!