Help! I Bought a House with a Pond! How Do I Care For It?

How to care for your Michigan Backyard Pond at your new home with help from Waterpaw!

Did you recently buy a new home that came with a water feature, backyard pond or fountain? How wonderful and exciting for you and your family! It is likely that your Michigan backyard pond has been neglected while the home was on the market and in need of some maintenance and possible repairs. Often, a new homeowner in the face of an algae mess in their new yard will go to a hardware store and buy DIY solutions that rarely work or work for very long. With little information the urge to fill in your pond and plant grass can be strong. BUT WAIT! Your backyard pond can be brought back to functionality and importantly beauty very quickly by a professional like Waterpaw Ponds of Northern Michigan. 

After your Michigan backyard pond has been repaired and properly cleaned you have a few maintenance options. We offer AutoDosing systems, IonGen probes and personal maintenance technicians to personally care for your pond on a regular basis. The AutoDoser adds a prescribed amount of liquid bacteria daily to keep the ecosystem balanced. The IonGen probe helps to control string algea. Our highly trained Waterpaw Maintenance Division can also add your Michigan backyard pond to their schedule and visit to keep your pond in tip top condition. 

We are proud to usher new pond owners into the exciting world of water gardening and we welcome any question or concern you have. Education is a tent pole of our business philosophy and we look forward to aiding you in your new hobby. 


Your new home's water feature might need some TLC initially but soon you will fall in love with your new backyard pond, stream, waterfall, fountain or feature with the help of Waterpaw Ponds of Michigan.