Adding Visual Interest to Your Michigan Landscape Design!

Spring is often the season when those who were dabbling with a new landscape design for their home or business get serious. The Michigan snow is still on the ground but sunny days are occurring more often and grass is on the mind even when you are skiing. Often, a yard needs the attention and eye of a professional much like your interiors spaces had the aid of an interior decorator. Even if you are a die-hard DIY homeowner it's likely you rely on books, blogs, videos and resources created by professionals. 

A yard to be truly entertaining and a destination for you and your guest for decades to come needs well-planned visual interest. Humans are visual creatures by nature and the first concern with any landscaping should be the appeal to the eye. In Michigan our natural wild spaces are a great inspiration to many homeowners and to us here at Waterpaw Ponds of Northern Michigan. Creating topography in your yard is usually our first step in most yards. A flat canvas is only good if you are painting! 

Curves, small hills, berms and boulders are some of the ways we here at Waterpaw Ponds of Nothern Michigan add interest to a yard. Andy Goldsworthy's ephemeral outdoor artwork inspires us to look at a yard a little differently. We like to think of all 4 seasons as we design. What will this pond look like in the winter? How will this planting bed look in the fall? What will be the right height for your trees to keep the aesthetic fresh every year? 

We design for the life of the family. We design with your needs in mind. We design zen that will last decades and bring new joy every season every year. Contact Waterpaw today to turn that dabbling into a reality. 

This family wanted it all! A storybook bridge over a meandering stream, flowing into a koi pond. Enjoyable day or night with the added bluestone patio and fire ring.