Another Day of Gratitude

Living, working and being a part of my community in Northern Michigan has molded me in more ways than I will ever be aware of. Unlike most of my compatriots from Petoskey High School, I never left. I stayed, created a family and became a multi skilled small business owner. Does this mean that my perspective may differ somewhat from my customers at times? Sure. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely NOT! 

Why do people come to Northern Michigan to vacation, retire or build their families? I believe it is because the area breeds a life perspective that is unique. Why would you come to Northern Michigan and then hire a contractor from Florida? To invite the spirit of the North to your property is a gift that can be given by those who live here and know the cycles, the way the wind moves every season, how the clouds change your moods, what trees will bloom when, why we leave milkweed wild, what a healthy watershed not only looks like but even smells like! 

I could go on about the way our environment shapes us but I think it is better felt than described. In that vein I am going to spend time today in silence with my surroundings and in deep gratitude for the nature that has been so generously given to us all by whatever greater power exists. I hope you too can find space in your life for nature inspired reflection. And personally I am enjoying every quiet moment I can get my paws on before the baby arrives in December... 

Harmonious Days.