Koi Pond for Your Yard in Michigan

Do you have a pond with Koi but don't know what type of Koi you have? Check out our guide below to identify your fish friends. For those who don't have a Koi pond yet but are interested in having one built read on to hear how we at Waterpaw design pond's to be ideal homes for your aquatic animals. 

We in Michigan have an abundance of wildlife wandering through our yards which is part of why our Waterpaw Koi Ponds are built to keep your pond life safe. We build pond's that are Koi specific deeper than an ornamental pond so larger birds of prey like Blue Heron have a harder time hunting in your pond. We cover the liner with larger rocks to give the Koi lots of places to rummage for food and keep the bacteria levels healthy. We also build fish caves to offer your shy and scared fish a place to chill out and calm down. Our favorite thing to add to our ponds is a low sitting rock so you can sit with your feet in the pond while you feed and interact with your fish. Interaction with Waterpaw Ponds in Michigan is important to us. What we build is certainly beautiful and art but it's kinetic, interactive art. 

When you are ready to add a pond or water feature to your Michigan yard call Waterpaw Ponds! 

What types of Koi do you have or want for your pond? Koi can become members of your family and their personalities shine brighter than their scales!