Rainwater Harvesting in Your Michigan Yard

Are you looking forward to the warmer months but not looking forward to trading your heating bill for an irrigation bill? Northern Michigan is an amazing place to live and spend your summer days lounging by your Michigan backyard pond surrounded by lush grass and nature. The grass hides a dirty secret...irrigation. 

If you are using expensive city water or running your well pump the costs of keeping your lush paradise can be high. Why not use your yard as a rainwater capture basin? Take advantage of the space you have to gather rain and use it later to water your lawn and garden. Follow this link to watch a video on our rainwater harvesting system.

Reducing your dependence on municipal water services isn't the only reason to install a rainwater harvester. It also can be used as a way to keep pollutants out of the storm water drains and out of our lakes and rivers. When water runs over the roof or your home or the concrete in your driveway it collects pollutants and is then often run into a storm drain where it is then drained into our watersheds. If you use this harvesting system those pollutants can be filtered and kept out of the pollution cycle. 

Want to learn more? Call Waterpaw when you are ready to investigate how your yard can water itself and keep the watersheds cleaner. Waterpaw Ponds of Northern Michigan specializes in all things waterscape.  

Waterpaw Ponds of Michigan for Rain Gardens and Rainwater Harvesting for both residential and commercial applications.