Northwestern Michigan's Pond Experts

We here at Waterpaw are obsessed with water features! We spend our off time planning the next season's projects and participating in continuing pond education. Our ponds are living, breathing ecosystem that require knowledgeable installations. The depth, location of filtrations, wetland size, plant varieties, appropriate fish and even the trees placed near a backyard pond all need to be well thought out and following scientific principals. 

Our entire staff has undergone rigorous training and education to ensure that projects are all well executed to create enjoyment for decades to come. What we build is meant to last time and families! We hope that our waterfalls, ponds, streams and fountains are not just admired but interacted with. Kids love to rock hunt and everybody enjoys feeding the fish. Many dogs enjoy swimming in our larger ponds, for that matter their humans swim with them! 

We are still scheduling site plans and installations for the 2017 season so give us a call or email today to connect to our trained staff. We aren't just confident we are capable!

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