Your Yard as Classroom

Ponds for Education

Do you ever struggle to get your 1st-5th grader to do their homework? Why not turn their homework into a hands-on lesson! Whether you have your own pond, would like to get one installed, or simply want to visit one (like the pond we donated at the Boyne City Chamber office!), a pond is a great way to teach kids of all ages. Here are some ideas to turn a pond day into the best homework day ever!

  1. Science – if your child is learning about the water cycle, animals or plants, they can see what happens up close and personal at the pond.
  2. Math – count lily pads, estimate the number of rocks used or how many steps it takes to walk around the pond, or turn each plant species into a fraction of the whole pond and find some common denominators.
  3. Language – learn how to say “frog” in Spanish, “water” in German, or “I love Waterpaw ponds!” in French.
  4. Grammar – Form sentences about the ecosystem and identify the correct version of “their, there and they’re,” or write a journal entry about how they think the pond was built.
  5. Art – Paint, draw, or sing about what you see in and around the pond.

The learning possibilities at the pond are endless, get creative and turn that boring homework into a fun filled afternoon!

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