Tranquility in your yard- Petoskey, Harbor Springs, Boyne City, Charlevoix- Pond Zen

Looking for a more tranquil and natural addition to your yard than more fertilizer and water hungry lawn? In addition to the incredible beauty, ponds offer a wide variety of environmentally and economically beneficial contributions to everyone involved. Below are four benefits that will make you want to install a Waterpaw pond in your yard right now:

1. Water conservation: Compared to lawns and planted bushes and flowers, ponds do not need to be watered. The recycling of water and the refilling of water via rain means that your pond and pond plant-life does not need to be continuously watered and your water bill will not skyrocket. That pond water can also be used to water other plants in your yard, or roof gutters can be repositioned to drain rainwater straight into the pond, creating further conservation of water.


2. Water accessibility: Ponds are open accessible to wildlife in the water. Whether it be a non-frozen drinking spot for the deer in the winter at your northern Michigan summer home, or a refuge for wildlife to raise their young, a pond creates a safe haven for a variety of local wildlife. 


3. Decreased lawn area: The larger the pond, the less grass there is, leading to both a decrease in lawn service costs, as well as pollutants. Lawn mowing services can cost upwards of one hundred dollars, depending on the size of your yard. Halving the area of lawn that needs to be cut translates into more money in your pockets (for cooler water features in your pond!). The air pollutants released from lawn mowers, weed wackers and edgers can also be decreased, reducing your yard’s overall carbon footprint every day. 


4. Environmental awareness: Although ponds create numerous immediate environmental and economic benefits, they also create long term educational opportunities. Teaching kids to plan, build, save for, maintain and respect a pond is a hands on lesson that they can learn from every day.