Poetry and Ponds

The shimmering water-scapes we create every season offer our clients far more than a pretty yard bauble. Does your favorite park have a fountain, pond or river? I would wager it does. Take a look at this list of popular parks.The presence of open water is a soul salve and has been since we first climbed out of the trees and became humanity. We fare much better when we are near water. Humans need to be near the sound, scent and reflection of water. 

Every day many of us become more encumbered in our personal grinds and Sisyphean tasks. Often the squeaky wheel, mouth or machine gathers our attentions in tight and we forget to seek out the calmer places.

Ponds, streams, waterfalls, fountains, rivers, lakes... these all have a substantive and measurable affect of the mind. #Bluemind is real but so is #Redmind. The key is to keep grounded in the blue of our lives. The environments that reset at least a little parts of our brains. 

Bring a bit of that into your home, yard or business with Waterpaw Creations.