Some People Feel the Rain...

The farther we get as people from our natural environment the more important it is that we find ways to bring nature into our daily lives. From the deep psychological reactions to the sound of the wind, water, birds etc to the immunological benefits of a biodiverse environment it is becoming more clear that statically modern, sterile environments are bad for us. 

Who doesn't love the scent of freshly mown grass, rain, the beach, blooms... We are all viscerally aware of the nature that surrounds us but often, it seems we are unconscious to the stress caused by the lack of these things in our daily lives. The sound of moving water has been proved to drop blood pressure. The scent of the beach brings many of us back to our childhoods and the days we spent lost in the sand and waves. When was the last time you noticed you were stressed? 

What did you do when you felt your heart start to race? Next time you find yourself stressed and unable to go for a nature walk take a moment to listen to the sound of recorded water in the office or the sound of one of our Waterpaw waterfalls . 

Remember.... Some People Feel the Rain, others just get wet...

Mindfulness can happen anywhere it just takes practice. 

Mindfulness can happen anywhere it just takes practice.