What is your passion?

Here at Waterpaw our passion is water features. Our crew loves them, we the owners love them, our customers love them. It's what we read about, talk about and do. How did we end up here? A few of us started in landscaping but kept wondering what the pond guy was up to. A few of us came from the auto industry. One of us has a BFA and another from direct sales and customer service. The fact is that although our backgrounds are diverse and colorful we all love water. We live on the lake coasts of Northwestern Michigan. Some of us on Lake Charlevoix, Walloon Lake or Lake Michigan. None of us are wealthy enough to have a private beach but we can see, smell and hear the lakes from our porches. 

I have a niece who lives in a metro area. I took her to a playground last month and she immediately gravitated to a dry drainage ditch and in her 7-year-old voice told me of "the beautiful water" that runs through there in the spring. She talked all about the bugs, frogs and birds that show up. We walked the entire length of that ditch turning over rocks to find small patches of water that might have life. She is passionate! As I spent more time with her I realized that she brought water into most of her favorite activities. She doesn't even know or understand what I do for a living but there she is pulled to my career and passion from a very young age. She has never even seen a garden pond. She doesn't live on or near a lake. The ocean is so far from her home it is a distant idea for her 7-year-old geography.

Many of our clients are my niece all grown up and still looking under dry rocks for something to play with. The water features we install for them re-ignite some of that childhood wonder they had put in a box and only occasionally open. After a few seasons, they are pond chemists, or koi experts or frog aficionados. The ponds become a part of their better selves. They develop a passion they had forgotten about or never knew they had. For some reason, they had Waterpaw put in a pond. They "just wanted it," many tell us with kind of a grin. We always smile back because we know. We know that they want it because it will open their world- the world away from cell phones, tv's, computers, work and worries. It's hard to focus on worry when you are intensely caring for a living thing. 

Passion is what we offer our clients. Call us today and give the #gift of #passion to yourself and your family this #Christmas. 

We are here on this earth to be #inspired and #passionate. 

We are here on this earth to be #inspired and #passionate.