Michigan Swim Pond Experts!

This year we are seeing increased interest in recreational swimming ponds. These are ponds that are built for swimming in your yard. Want to have a pool but don't want to have the chemicals or the cost of heaters and the constant upkeep? A swim pond may just be your solution. These are ecosystems that naturally filter and instead of a large rectangle in your yard are aesthetically pleasing. Popular in Europe the last decade they are making their way into the American pond catalogue. Cities are beginning to install them even instead of community pools. Naturally clean, naturally beautiful.


These systems are ideal for families looking for a beach day any day in their yard! Instead of a sterile pool experience your family can catch frogs, feed fish, plant water flowers and swim without the use of toxic chemicals. 


Many swim ponds have diving boards, rafts, kayaks and waterfalls to interact with as well. These do not need to be large although they can be as large as you want. We have built systems up to an acre in size! 

The picture is a 50'x80' swim pond we are installing this fall of 2016! 

Swim Pond