Holes in Pond Liner: Causes & Repairs

Your pond liner has a hole. Now what? Well it depends. First, what caused the hole in your pond liner and second how many pond liner holes are there? In Northern Michigan there are a few common causes of pond liner holes. Sadly, most of the holes are there because something wasn't installed properly.

Do you have dogs? Do they play in the pond? Is the pond liner covered in rocks and gravel or exposed. If your pond builder did not cover your liner when they built it then it is very likely your doggies have punctured the liner. Often, when this happens the most effective repair is liner replacement because often the holes are numerous. This is one of the reasons we always build ponds with the liners covered by rocks and gravel.

Do you have a lot of chipmunks or other rodents in your yard? It is likely the little guys have chewed through the liner on the backside of the waterfall. They like to store food back there and will chew through the liner because, well, they are rodents. To repair this kind of pond leak the waterfall must be dismantled and a new liner installed. In these cases we line the backside of the liner with concrete cloth to prevent a future chew through. On properties where we know there is a rodent problem we install concrete cloth when we are doing the initial install. This has only been a standard the past 2 years among pond builders but it is immensely effective, cost effective and easy to do. 

Did your liner get pinched between two boulders? This type of leak can often easily be solved by removing the boulders and sealing the hole. 

And finally, and this is my favorite...not. Did your original pond builder run into ground water while building your pond and did they cut holes in the liner to "equalize"? Sadly we run into this more often than you would think. What a true pond expert would have done is created a small drain field with a pressure relief valve built into the liner. The only repair for this is to take the pond apart and start over.

When you hire a water feature contractor make sure they are certified, have credentials, reviews, and work you can visit. Water features are a large investment and when installed wrong cost customers a lot of not only money but aggravation. Your pond shouldn't leak. Your pond should function. We have dozens of water features in the ground in Petoskey, Harbor Springs, Charlevoix and Boyne City that have been working properly for over 20 years. Our competitors can't say the same thing. When you are ready to hire an expert professional water feature installer give us a call!  

This pond was the victim of a bad installer. Hire somebody who understands not only ponds but water sheds, hydrolic pressure, fluid dynamics and COMMON SENSE.