ALGAE! Top 3 Reasons you have a pond algae problem

Ponds and water features are supposed to bring you peace, tranquility, relaxation. But who can relax when your koi pond is a mucky mess full of algae!? There a 3 major culprits involved in excessive algal growth caused by system problems that require repair. 

1. No filtration. Does your pond have a skimmer, net, bio-falls, lined with rocks completely? If not you will never be able to get that algae under control. Without proper filters and places for beneficial bacteria to culture your pond will never be clean. We upgrade many garden ponds every year that were improperly built and do not function because they are lacking 1 or more filtering elements. 

2. Your pond is not a closed system. We find that a lot of other "pond guys" build ponds and streams that draw continuously from the lakes or larger ponds in the homeowners yard. There are several problems with this approach. The big one is that it isn't actually legal! The MDEQ frowns upon this activity as it disrupts the watersheds. The other reason is that without a stable water column in which the nitrate cycle can complete itself you will have excessive algal growth. We convert many systems every year that were built this way. 

3. You have filtration and a bio-falls but you have either never had a complete professional spring clean done on your system or you have never cleaned the bio-falls because there is a giant rock on top of it. Without proper cleaning yearly the decaying matter on the bottom of your pond is a smorgasbord for algae. Without yearly cleaning of your bio-falls the gunk builds up and the filter no longer works. 

If you are dealing with any of the top 3 algae causes above contact the true pond specialist in Northern Michigan, Waterpaw. Let's work to get your oasis back on track.