Top 5 Common Causes of Pond Leaks

We have all been there. You are ready to go outside to enjoy your water feature and you can hear your feature pump sucking air. Where did all of the water go?! Many homeowners find this frustrating and will often go to all the wrong places before finding the root cause. Below are the Top 5 places to locate a pond or liner leak. We hope it saves you some time and frustration. And, of course we are available to do any repairs on your koi pond or water feature in Petoskey, Harbor Springs, Bay Harbor, Charlevoix, Boyne City, Bellaire and beyond.

1. Dropped liner on your stream. This is a common problem. Check the perimeter of your stream for soggy spots. The leak will either be right next to the soggy area or a little up stream. Once you find the leak, lift your liner and support it with rocks and or sod. 

2. It hasn't been cleaned properly. Did you know that your pond can begin to build up sediment and that will push the water outside the liner? If you haven't cleaned your pond out or had it professionally cleaned this is a common problem. 

3. Your bio falls is drooping. If your pond builder put a heavy flagstone on top of your bio falls when they constructed it then it is likely your bio falls has collapsed or is in the process of collapsing. Lift your flagstone and see if water has been weeping or gushing out the backside. 

4. Chipmunk or doggie damage. If you pond isn't fully lined with rock and gravel and you have pets it is likely their dew claws have dug into your liner and punctured it. If you have a lot of rodents and chipmunks on your property and your waterfall isn't lined with concrete cloth it is likely a chipmunk has turned your liner into Swiss cheese behind the stones. Look for saturation points around the falls and turn off your pond. If it is the waterfall your pond won't lose water when it is turned off. 

5. Plumbing problems. Many installers use silicone to seal plumbing and liner. We as a rule do not for the following reason. The silicone over time degrades and loosens. The pipe running from your pump to your waterfall has a lot of head pressure and it is possible your plumbing is the culprit. To determine if this is the cause turn off your feature and if your water loss stops it could be this or the stream or the waterfall. 

An expert pond builder can often spot a leak quickly and have a solution on hand to repair it. When you are feeling flustered and out of options give Waterpaw a call (231)439-0067 and schedule a service call. Often we can make it to your home the next day to help you out. Check out this video to see one project we are working on now to repair his leaks (and there are several)