Aquascape Ponds in Bellaire

Aquascape ecosystem ponds are the best in the industry and Waterpaw is your local Master Certified Aquascape Contractor. We have the knowledge, supplies and crew to help you keep your landscape pond in tip top shape. 

To maintain our certification we undergo continuing education yearly as a staff. We all take hands on and online courses to keep up to date on industry standards and products. To stay a Master we must meet certain quality and volume metrics. In 2016 our little Northern Michigan company was #88 in volume out of over 64,000 North American pond installers. 

We take our work seriously. What we do should enhance your life for decades to come. As a result our systems are built to last and be lower maintenance. If this is not your primary residence ask us about our pondless options. If you really want a full ecosystem pond talk to us about how that can be achieved beautifully and simply. A water feature should enhance your lifestyle and that is always our goal. 

So welcome Bellaire to the Waterpaw Gardens family! We look forward to continued growth in Antrim County. 


We are your local Master Aquascape Contractor!

We are your local Master Aquascape Contractor!