Rain Harvesting for Irrigation in Bellaire

With all the rain this spring and early summer in Northern Michigan and Bellaire and the looming conversion to city water in the next few years in the TCE plume area you may have begun to wonder how you can harvest the rain from your roofs and driveways to care for your lawn and water feature needs. City water can be pricey when used for what is essentially gray water needs like irrigation. Your well if it is in the affected zone will be capped and what was previously a negligible expense at your Up North Cottage will become a budget item in a hurry. 

1" of rainfall on a 2000 sqft roof produces 1,250 gallons of usable runoff water that can be easily harvested and saved for later use. Envisioning ugly and small capacity rain barrels? With the RainXchange system this is not a problem. RainXchange is easily scalable to any need either residential or commercial and is underground. Atop the system can be a rain garden or an attractive water feature. The system keeps the water in motion at all times to keep it from becoming stagnant or distilled and useful for irrigation. 

An additional benefit to capturing run off is you help keep pollutants from entering water sheds without filtration. Runoff, often will not filter through the ground as it should as non permeable surfaces such as driveways, roofs and tight turf do not allow rain to easily be absorbed and filtered into the ground water. By capturing the runoff and using it for later, measured irrigation purposes you are aiding in ground water replenishment and keeping pollutants out of nearby watersheds. 

When you are ready to discuss your water management and water runoff options give Waterpaw Gardens Outdoor Inspiration Center a call. We can discuss your choices and exciting new options in rain water harvesting, bio swale's and storm water management. 


Ready to drop your water bill during the summer? Consider a RainXchange installed by Waterpaw!

Ready to drop your water bill during the summer? Consider a RainXchange installed by Waterpaw!