Yard Design on the Lakeshore's of Antrim County

Congratulations! You have that home on the shores of The Chain of Lakes. You are busy putting your stamp on the Up North Cottage and your next goal is the landscaping. This sounds deceptively simple... But, as you begin you find out quickly that it isn't as simple as designing a yard downstate. You and your designer have to take into account the effects of your landscaping on the local wildlife, wetlands, watersheds and beaches. 

This is where it is important to hire somebody who is committed to the lifestyle and needs of Northern Michigan. A wholistic but realistic approach creates the best and most satisfying results for both the homeowner and the contractors you hire. Our goal at Waterpaw Gardens is to work with the homeowner, nature, and lakeshore associations to build an outdoor living space that delights, engages and grows with everybody. 

Below are a few ideas to help you start your design process!

1. Permeable pavers for patios. These allow water to flow through the patio to be filtered by the earth before entering the watershed. This helps to prevent washout on your shoreline and keep the fertilizers and plant foods from entering the lake. Fertilizers are the #1 contributor to algae blooms on the lakes. 

2. Use deer hardy trees and shrubs. The deer of Northern Michigan are graceful, fun to watch and unfortunately view your yard as an all you can eat buffet if not done properly. Also, try to plant in a way to control erosion and wash out from the driveway. Planting them properly the first time will help you avoid costly water damage in the future. 

3. When you plan your water feature make sure you aren't pulling water in from the lake or sending water from the pond back into the lake. Not only is this frowned upon it is bad for the local fisheries, algal blooms and the pond. 

When you are ready to begin building the outdoor up north lifestyle you have been dreaming of give Waterpaw Gardens a call!