Pond Leaks! What Now?

Does your pond need some attention? Bellaire now has a pond service company! Waterpaw Gardens has opened in Bellaire. We have been in business in Northern Michigan since 1996 and have finally made the expansion into Antrim County. We are your local Pond Designer, Supplier, Repairer and Builder. 

One of the most common issues our Chain of Lakes customers are having on their existing features is leaking. This is not uncommon on systems over a decade old that haven't been regularly serviced or maintained. We are Master Certified Aquascape Contractors and are knowledgable in all pond matters. Leaks most often happen on the edges of the stream. Over time the liner falls in and/or the plants around the pond and stream have made their way into the pond. The plants will often create 2 problems. 1. The roots will contribute to the liner fall & 2. The water the plants pull from the system can heavily contribute to water loss. Another common leak spot is the faceplate on the skimmer box. The silicone used to create the seal breaks down over time and loses it seal. The water loss at this leak point can be significant. 

These leak issues can be solved and your feature brought back to life. Part of how we keep our systems healthy over the decades is to keep up on yearly maintenance. Our pond owners are encouraged to have a spring clean every year. During a spring clean out our crew looks for leaks or breakdowns and repairs them before they become catastrophic. The yearly cleaning also helps to ensure a healthy water column and balanced ecosystem. 

If you have a water feature or pond in Bellaire, Shanty Creek, Cedar Creek, Intermediate Lake, Torch Lake and Chains in Between and need some help maintaining or repairing it give Waterpaw Gardens a call! 231-439-0067